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MEDISDIH Scarl, which is the evolution of the Mechatronic Technological Cluster – MEDIS Scarl, has been operating in Apulia for more than ten years and has gained significant experience in the integration of innovative activities of Large Enterprises, SMEs, Public and Private Research Organizations and the Apulian Universities for the development of mechatronics and digital enabling technologies and their technological transfer to the territory.

In the year 2018, the Cluster has synergistically integrated the Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) activities in its pre-existing ones, thus becoming MEDISDIH Scarl, the Mechatronic Cluster and Digital Innovation Hub of Apulia Region.

Consistently to its mission, MEDISDIH is strongly involved in the promotion of industrial product and/or process innovations integrating the multidisciplinary mechatronic technologies supported by digital ones.

MEDISDIH aims to help local enterprises, especially SMEs, to increase their competitiveness on global markets, working to promote:

  • I4.0 company organization based on digital tools for information sharing and decision support;
  • Evolved value chains and relationships between Dealers, OEMs and Tiers made possible by the new sharing information tools between partner companies in the different stages of the production process;
  • New generation of products and services.

MEDISDIH is a Digital Innovation Hub promoted in Italy by Confindustria (the main Association representing manufacturing and service companies in Italy) and registered in the European Digital Innovation Hub catalog.

In addition to making the digital technology transfer to any digital maturity level enterprise, MEDISDIH aims to involve the Apulian enterprises, Research Organizations and Universities in the main European, National and Regional digital innovation initiatives with particular reference to enabling technology applications in the Automotive, Robotics, Manufacturing, Health, Agri-food, Infrastructure, inspection and maintenance sectors.