MEDISDIH was established in the form of a non-profit limited liability consortium company between public and private partners which comprehensively represent the innovation ecosystem of Apulia region. Among MEDISDIH partners there are some of the most important Apulian universities, public and private research centers, large industrial groups as well as large companies and local SMEs operating in highly technological industrial sectors.

As a statutory provision, MEDISDIH can rely on the technical and scientific skills of its Partners to carry out its institutional activities.

Polytechnic of Bari

Polytechnic of Bari is an Italian public University offering scientific and technological programmes, the third scientific center by institution and the only one in the territory of Southern Italy. The Polytechnic of Bari forms architects, engineers and industrial designers and issues academic qualifications such as three-year Degree courses (I level), two-year Degree courses (II level), five-year Degree courses, Ph.D.’s as well as I and II level Postgraduate courses.

University of Bari “Aldo Moro”

The University of Bari, Italian public university, in 2009 dedicated to Aldo Moro, offers a wide range of training and teaching courses, consisting of more than 115 three-year or more, or single-cycle study courses, some of them in English. Equally broad is the post-graduate training offer with specialization schools, Ph.D’s, masters, advanced courses, highly advanced and professional training courses, training internships and qualifying courses. The training activities aim to develop professional profiles that are highly expendable in the national and international labor market.


The National Research Council (Cnr) is the largest public research institution in Italy, founded as legal person in 1923. Cnr’s mission is to perform research in its own Institutes, to promote innovation and competitiveness of the national industrial system, to promote the internationalization of the national research system, to provide technologies and solutions to emerging public and private needs.

Confindustria Bari e Barletta-Andria-Trani

The main Association representing manufacturing and service companies in Bari BAT province, the first southern organization of category that in 2009, following the establishment of the province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, took the current name, represents about 800 companies with over 30,000 employees and has a leading role in progress economic and social development of the territory, contributing concretely to the development of South Italy.

Centro Ricerche Fiat S.C.p.A.

The Centro Ricerche Fiat (CRF), whose main headquarters is located in Orbassano (Turin), considers innovation as a strategic lever for the business of FCA Group which it takes part in. On a national scale, the Centro Ricerche Fiat plays an active role in several public and private research consortiums and collaborates with the Ministry for Universities and Research (MIUR), the Ministry for the Environment and the Ministry for Economic Development (MISE). Particular attention is paid to relations with the surrounding territory: CRF is involved in projects and initiatives undertaken not only by Regions and Industrial Unions but also by Municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, Consortiums and by the local industrial enterprises. One of the smaller offices, dedicated to specific activities and topics, is located in Valenzano (BA), PST Tecnopolis. 


Marelli Europe S.p.A.

Marelli Europe is an international company founded in Italy in 1919, committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector, based in Italy (Corbetta, Milan).

Through a process of constant innovation, Marelli Europe aims at optimising transversal know-how in the electronics field in order to develop intelligent systems and solutions that contribute to the advancement of mobility, according to criteria relating to environmental sustainability, safety and quality of life onboard the vehicles.

Itel Telecomunicazioni S.r.l.

ITEL Telecomunicazioni is a leading manufacturer of products and services for Healthcare in Medical Imaging.

Born in 1982 in the Telecommunications sector, ITEL has provided radio links and electromagnetic shields for the Italian Defense, for ENEL (National Power Company), for banks and radio/TV networks.

Thanks to the experience and expertise acquired in electromagnetic waves, fields and radiations, ITEL has expanded its market to Medical Devices and EMC compliance.

Today ITEL operates in 40 countries with public and private healthcare facilities, manufacturers of medical equipment, technological, scientific and medical research institutions.


MERMEC has been known as a reliable and pioneering developer of high-tech solutions to the railway and steel industries for over 30 years. With an innovation-driven culture, we distinguish ourselves by our capacity to develop in house all software and equipment that make the core of our solutions.


MASMEC SpA is specialized in precision technologies, robotics and mechatronics.

Relying on our talented team, MASMEC pursue the philosophy of customized flexible and highly technological solutions with creativity and passion thanks to our substantial commitment to research. In 1996 MASMEC created the R&D department, today more than ever committed to issues of modularity, scalability and interconnectivity of production systems.

Alongside scientific and industrial partners MASMEC carry out national and European research projects.

Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli S.p.A.

For over 125 years, the “Bosch” brand has been associated with cutting-edge technologies and pioneering inventions that have made history and the Centro Studi Componenti per Veicoli SpA – Bosch Group is one of the four research centers of the group in Italy.


GETRAG S.p.A. was founded in 1996 in the industrial area of ​​Modugno (Bari) and with around 800 employees from all over Apulia it is one of the largest employers in the province. Research center for future technologies, center for the production of manual transmissions, automated manual transmissions and double clutch transmissions. From October 2018 the company name of GETRAG S.p.A. has been changed to MAGNA PT S.p.A.

FPT Industrial S.p.A.

FPT Industrial is the Brand of CNH Industrial dedicated to the development, production, sale and assistance of powertrains for On Road, Off Road, Marine and Power Generation applications.

We work for businesses serving other businesses, and we are committed to satisfy the requirements of both direct and final Customers.

We are proud to be an innovation-driven Company, that builds Customer advantage through continuous research and improvement, and creates value by leveraging this advantage.

Today FPT Industrial is one of the leading world players in engines, axles and transmissions for the Industrial sector, ranking among the first four manufacturers worldwide in the 2- to 20-liter Diesel engine segment.


Exprivia is an international group specialized in Information and Communication Technology able to direct drivers of change in the business of its customers thanks to digital technologies. Among the main players in the digital transformation of companies, thanks to its know-how and experience gained in over 30 years of constant presence on the market, Exprivia has a team of experts specialized in different technological and domain areas, from the Capital Market, Credit & Risk Management to IT Governance, from BPO to IT Security, from Big Data to Cloud, from IoT to Mobile, up to the SAP world.

Listed on the Italian Stock Exchange since 2000 (STAR MTA segment – XPR), Exprivia supports its customers in the following sectors: Banking, Finance & Insurance (o solo Banking & Finance), Telco & Media, Energy & Utilities, Aerospace & Defence, Manufacturing & Distribution, Healthcare and Public Sector.

Exprivia, which in 2017 acquired the controlling share of Italtel, a historic Italian company that today operates in the ICT market with a strong focus on the Telco&Media, Enterprises and Public Sector markets, boasts partnerships with leading IT suppliers and leading companies operating in the field of consultancy.